Higher Living, Inc.

"Aspire to go higher"

Career & Leadership Institute

CLI offers workforce advancement trainings to youth, adults professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Youth Programming

  • LEAP (Leadership Engineering Academy Program)
  • Back-to-School Blast Mini Camp


LEAP Programs components include Workforce and Career Development, STEM and Academic Enrichment, Leadership and Empowerment, and Supportive Services.

BTS Blast Mini Camp:
Activities include: Academic and leadership assignments and discussions, a Leadership Lunch, Kite-making project, Trips sponsored by Tickets for Kids, Field trip to the ECO Center for an awesome learning experience, a visit from Pittsburgh Police, water-fun activities, and more.

Adult Professional & Entrepreneurship Programs

  • Business & Leadership Development Trainings
  • High-Priority, Social-Based Occupations Workforce Trainings

Business Development and Support Services:

  • Business and Organizational Consultations
  • Business and Investor Plans
  • Organizational Planning and Development
  • Loan Prep and Proposals
  • Grant Writing
  • Financial Planning/Finding Relevant Funding Resources 

CLI Workforce Trainings:
  • Administrative and Program Assistance
  • Financial and Administrative Systems Development