Higher Living, Inc.

"Aspire to go higher"

Career & Leadership Institute

CDI offers workforce advancement trainings to youth, adults professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Youth Programming

  • LEAP (Leadership Engineering Academy Program)
  • Back-to-School Blast Mini Camp


LEAP Programs components include Workforce and Career Development, STEM and Academic Enrichment, Leadership and Empowerment, and Supportive Services.

BTS Blast Mini Camp:
Activities include: Academic and leadership assignments and discussions, a Leadership Lunch, Kite-making project, Trips sponsored by Tickets for Kids, Field trip to the ECO Center for an awesome learning experience, a visit from Pittsburgh Police, water-fun activities, and more.

Adult Professional & Entrepreneurship

  • Business & Leadership Development Trainings
  • High-Priority Occupations Workforce Trainings

BLAST (Business Leadership Academy for Social Transformation):
Purpose: The new Business Leadership Development Training is designed for the professional development of entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners, as well as the capacity building of their small businesses.


Equip entrepreneurs with:

  • Higher-order business development skills and systems to expand their businesses into sustainable enterprises.
  • Deeper professional/personal competencies that will raise the efficacy of their business practices and ethics.
  • Leadership and social awareness/abilities that will result in the advancement of their business brands.

*The BLAST is offered through partnership with Hill CDC.  Other partners/supporters of this program (via Hill CDC)- Wood Forest Bank, Urban Innovation 21, Minority Networking Exchange.

CLI Workforce Trainings:
  • Administrative Science
  • Social & Human Service Assistant 
  • Customer Service (Includes Microsoft Software Training Modules)
  • Building Construction Technology